Sunday, August 5, 2012

Placards from Facebook

I'm on Facebook at least once a day...  I've signed up to quite a few conservative news sources so FB is just another source of news for me.  And, I get to keep up with friends, family who are on FB and see their posted pictures.  My niece is off to college this weekend and 5 minutes ago saw a picture of her, her dad and her sister at her going away dinner - posted by her sister on her iPhone. 

Gotta love technology! 

Facebook keeps me in touch - and its free.  I've used it for over 4 years now and I've maybe spent $50 total on a few games here and there.  $50 for 4 years?  A bargain in my book.  If Facebook starts charging, I'll just find some other free posting site to join. 

Are you on Facebook?  Their games can be very addictive and fun waste of time.  But, if you use it like me, it can enjoyable.  The last 6 months, all sorts of funny or serious pictures are now shared around.  Facebook placards are all the rage, doncha know (if you didn't already)...  Below are few examples just from today so you can see what I mean. 

Just sign up to a few conservative "pages" and you'll start seeing them.  Enjoy:

are you educated?

I'm tired of tolerating the intolerant...


Clint has just publicly endorsed Romney... made my day

conservative cars rock!  what is a liberal car, a weeny electric thing?

quoting Reagan ALWAYS works...

yes! put FOCUS back on the illegal PUNKS infesting the White House

lib media never tires of bashing Sarah... THEY ARE the HATERS

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