Tuesday, August 7, 2012

still skiing after recent NZ volcanic "eruption"

No worries, just a weeeny little volcano blew here - a NZ volcano blows last night, but GOOD news, the ski hills re-opened later -> that's how we roll down here in volcano land...

can you any skiiers on the white blob...?

Today's NZ media reports some flights were cancelled after an eruption on Mt. Tongariro but by the end of the day, ski hills reopened.  Well that is good news isn't it!

NZ news also misleads the country and the world by stating "first eruption in 100 years" while the NZ government site itself states there have been eruptions in this area 1870, 1948-1949, 1954, 1973-75 and at Mt. Tongariro specifically:

"Mt Tongariro is not a single volcano, but a complex of craters that have been active at different periods. In 1868, violent earthquakes marked the eruption that formed the upper Te Maari crater, named after a Māori chieftainess. Upper Te Maari erupted again in 1896–97, dumping 50 millimetres of ash on the Desert Road, and wafting ash as far as Napier."

So the lie today is "first in 100 years" - but WHY LIE to the public?  There are only 4 million in NZ, I mean how panicked could we get down here?  Pfffft

Stay tuned...  if a big one blows, I'll be worried... but for now, all is OK  :)

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