Saturday, June 30, 2012

the mandate that wasn't a tax: now it IS a tax

welcome to Amerrika!  The individual mandate of Oscare is now a TAX - even though Demo-commies including TheWon INSISTED it ISN'T...  SCOTUS says its  a TAX.  It makes me ill.

New RNC ad, hattip LegalInsurrection

my mom is at home now after a week in hospital... she has round the clock care minders who are making her comfortable... she is unable to swallow any water or food... so just a matter of time.

I'm at my sister's at moment ill from a horrible cold - don't want to be at my mom's house and get her sicker than she already is... I hope to get back there tomorrow so am pounding cold medicine.

But America as I know it already died this week...  It should now be a slam dunk for Romney in November... We'll just have to insist he repeals and replaces Oscare with a private market solution and reform.  I hope that will happen.  We'll see, eh.

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