Wednesday, June 13, 2012

funky winter bromeliad

damn you winter, I'm flowering anyway...
This morning it was 3 degrees C at my house.  I still have flowering plants - like the above Bromeliad. It looked at me as I drove down the driveway this morning and said "damn you winter, I'm flowering anyway...".  I like its attitude.  Sub-tropicals, Bromeliads do pretty well in my yard anywhere I put them.  I've moved 'em around all over the place.  With shallow roots, they do well anywhere here in Titirangi NZ. 

I went to my dietician last night and her garden is outstanding, as it should be - her husband is a landscape designer.  Wow, their yard is an advertisement.  There is a car park spot next to her driveway and their house is down an incline.  They've put in natural stairs to climb down half way then walk the rest on the driveway itself.  She has lots of flowering Bromeliad species, ferns, Auckland natives, spotlights along the stairs and drive... its a gorgeous blend of native bush plus his tidy handywork to make the greenery attractive and enticing - almost like the garden is a person dressed up in their best clothes saying "welcome...".  I always feel the urge to work on my garden (and my diet!) after a visit to their home.

I know I haven't been writing too much on this blog... My brain is filled with writing ideas for a couple of books I'd like to write.  First I want to write about my experiences as a passenger with my dad in his Cessna 182 Skylane he flew all over the midwest USA.  He was based out of Palatine, Illinois.  This was an expensive hobby for him, but he absolutely loved it and got several licenses throughout the years.  I tagged along with him as an eager kid logging hundreds of hours - just as passenger of course.  I think it might make an interesting book - and I can even seeing myself bringing it to a seller's booth at the annual EAA Osh Kosh airshow in Wisconsin. 

Guess I will have to commit to spending time writing about it... Yep, lots to do, lots to do... What are you up to in your neck of the woods?  Got Bromeliads?   :-)

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