Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whittle explains: Gun Rights


  1. Excellent posts the both!.
    I recently renewed my firearms license and thought at the time that NZ firearms laws serve
    sporting people well. Thats all though, self defense rights are poorly upheld and as for protecting our liberties - no options at all.

    And yet for all that our firearms laws are libertarian compared to many democracies.
    It gives one cause to think.

  2. I think at bare minimum all NZ police should be armed at all times... too many of them (and their dogs!) getting shot by crazed drugged out criminals when cops go to their homes...

    thanks for commenting nzgarry

  3. Gun laws a secondary issue. I guess I should have said how taken I was with the 5 Bill Whittle
    videos. American Conservatism simply and rigorously explained.

    Contrast this to the progressives. Any videos out there expounding socialism?. We know they cloak their agenda in populist rhetoric designed to lure their useful idiots. So I guess no.

    Most NZ'ers have been somewhat indoctrinated by the left (I'm sure you have noticed!). Your blog is great. Please keep it up.

  4. Thanks nzgarry... I thought Whittle's series would be good to share. (he's great)

    Hmm, I confess I've noticed a few "indoctrinated" types down here in NZ who don't really understand NZ is following a socialist/UN trajectory or understand America's true goings-ons.

    Trevor at NewZeal.blogspot, of course, covers a lot of the socialist and communist spider webs into current American politics (eg Dems!)... now even Islam encroaches. (Islam creep is going so well in Europe, for an ugly look at the future...)

    A great site to understand many American thought, speak & viewpoints is covered over at

    thanks for the kudos on my little blog anyways, it helps me vent! The Nov2 elections made me happy, for sure, because I know I'm right on many of my own observations... :-)

    cheers mate