Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 election roundups

NiceDeb has a great round up, links and commentary on the preliminary 2010 election results.

FoxNews has an election map here, but the server connection is not 100% (of course I'm overseas so its probably just me). Their site recently posted Coons beating O'Donnell, but Delaware's own sites don't have the final tally yet? (hmmm... seems odd, was this one rigged? I hope Christine fights if there is any smell of fraud...)

HillBuzz has some good open threads covering various topics.

get the founders shirt

I'm looking forward to confused, sad, dejected Democrats... who may possibly now wake up to the fact their party left them awhile back in Clinton/moderate times. The USA is rejecting current batch of marxist-commie "Dems", soggy bread RINOs AND TheWon's socialist agenda.

OH yeah, did you hear numbskull Alan Grayson LOST in Florida? WAHOOOO!

I need a new 2012 election countdown clock now!

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