Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NZ 1st day of spring: pies & crumbles in the air

Who DOESN'T LIKE PIE...? eh? :) In USA, most pie looks like:

Not in NZ... Nope. A typical NZ pie is small & one serving:
A NZ co. called "Bakels" hosts a yearly pie baking contest...
for the best small little individual pie...
HUNGRY YET? Me, too...
I love NZ reality TV... especially the baking shows (of course!)
Easy to understand why cooking shows are popular...
You can turn something like this:

Rhubarb (in case you weren't quite sure)
and this:

(Apples of course)
into THIS!

Apple & Rhubarb Crumble - I am making this week.
Exciting!... Note to self: pick up apples & some rhubarb
We made ham, cheese & onion mini muffins last night...
They were yum! Muffin motivation came from this guy:
chef Richard Till who hosts "Kiwi Kitchen"
He also recently made a lovely looking beef stew...
Couple months ago, after watching "Master Chef NZ"...
my spouse took a cooking course! :-)
Brett & Kelly squared off on last season's final of NZ Master Chef
Brett McGregor - winner
but I still want to make runner up Kelly Young's recipe: "Three Way Pineapple Digestive"
(ok the name is a bit unfortunate...)
What yummies are you making tonight?

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