Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Auckland commute part deux


I still like my commute!!

I previously posted couple random pictures of what Auckland looks like on my daily drive. ...Thought I’d list a few interesting tidbits of what I pass by:
  • School kids walking or waiting for buses, all in uniforms. Boys: white shirts, blue shorts. Girls: white shirts, red, blue or plaid skirts.
  • Vineyard on hilly landscape: with long rolls of netting, when grapes are present, to protect against birds.
  • Train stops and bus stations with 10-20 people waiting (never a crowd ... ever).
  • Sheep, horse or cow paddocks with stock grazing happily in green pastures.
  • NZ air force base with C130s doing fly bys, touch ‘n’ goes or dropping parachutists for practice.
  • Open air fruit and vegetable markets with roofs, but open spaces for doors: open daily.
  • Buddhist temple set back on large acreage.
  • Large golf course.
  • Beer distributor / restaurant combination.
  • Flat grassy paddock set up for equestrian hunter/jumper riding and eventing.
  • Harbours with anchored sailboats and ferries, sailboats out on the water.
  • In winter: tall grapefruit trees with hundreds of ripe fruit.
  • Flowering bushes and trees: every day, yes: all year.
  • Landscaped lawns, yards with meter high flax, bush or aloe vera plants.
  • Dormant volcano, Mt. Rangitoto: formed 600 years ago across the harbour from Auckland city business district. There are 40 dormant volcanoes around the city. :)
  • Pukekos alongside the grassy edges of the motorway.

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