Thursday, February 1, 2018

DAILY NZ "warmist" propaganda by media/government

EVERY single day either on NZ public radio, on news sites or television "news": the global warming myth of human activity being responsible for planetary warming (ahem I mean "climate change") is pushed as propaganda.

Every. Single. Day.

Today's example from "stuff" says "Climate change: Where in New Zealand could be worst hit?"

From this article "The investigation comes after a Government-commissioned working group found New Zealand lacked a co-ordinated plan to deal with future climate change, despite its risk to hundreds of billions of dollars of property and infrastructure.

It revealed a range of weak spots and knowledge gaps - notably that there was no nationally co-ordinated strategy, and that New Zealand tended to react to events instead of preparing for them.
It found inconsistencies in time frames across legislation affecting adaptation, and some "competing objectives" across legislation and policies, meaning roles could be confused and investing in resources was made challenging. The Government has responded by releasing new guidance setting out a 10-step process for councils and communities, based on the latest science."

Further work on adaptation is under way, and another working group report on how New Zealand can adapt to climate change is due in March."

ATTENTION NZ public:  NZ government has propagandized you with LIES!  NZ will TAX you MORE AND MORE to "fight" this non fight.

Absolutely ridiculous.


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