Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Becoming Meechees Biceps

Ok, I'm not in shape... I realize middle age rot has set in...  My left knee is now arthritic so often just walking is painful.  However, I'm not writing a book of lies hoping to make more millions from brain dead minions who will gobble up her propaganda bits ....

(not actual size eh...)

What AM I on about NOW you ask?

Meechee Obama to release her new book "Becoming"... around Thanksgiving 2018 (whoot whoot... WHAAAT?...)... derp...? Will you rush out and buy her propaganda?  Why or why not?

Jeannie DeAngelis has a good summary over at American Thinker. Jeannie's musings made me snort-laugh out loud:

"Becoming is unquestionably an appropriate title for this memoir, because while she was the first lady, Michelle became many things.

Take for instance Michelle becoming a world-class organic gardener, a master of the hula hoop, a connoisseur of haute couture, and a backup dancer for Bruno Mars. During her eight years in office, Michelle was also becoming a dictatorial lunch lady, a pumped-up biceps icon, a jet fuel-guzzling Air Force One traveler, a Hollywood elbow-rubber, a fried fat cake eater, a Target shopper, and an advocate for breastfeeding and bringing home Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

While her husband was "fundamentally transforming" America, Michelle was busily becoming an advocate for redefining marriage and transgender bathrooms and, above all, becoming a public speaker in the style of female members of the old Black Panthers.

Even still, it's hard to fathom that despite being the recipient of untold blessings, Michelle believes that "after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who [don't] see [her] for what [she is] because of [her] skin color." Based on those and similar delusional sentiments, "bitter clinger" Michelle Obama's book Becoming will probably be anything but "inspirational."

Excellent work Jeannie... HA HA HA... hula hooper! (go read the rest) ... Oh, my sides hurt from laughter... and no, I will continue to scoff and ignore ANYTHING the Obama-marxist duo say or do. Too bad they made MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of taxpayer $$. Sad, really... Disgusting.  Hey Meech and Barry, STFU already... Go away... Sheeeeeesh..... 

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