Sunday, July 21, 2013

W.House: stay in slavery, stay on their plantation

After I read the commentary from Nonie Darwish, I had the thought perhaps the ones running the White House merely want a return to slavery.  After all, this is a very popular concept with Marxists, Communists and Islamists.  That is the current make up of those squatting in the White House.

- Promoting "Trayvon" rallies; White House and Leftist media are doing their d*mdest to convince all minorities there has been no decline in racism by white people: all whites are racist. All blacks, browns or other skin toned minorities are forever victims and will never be equal in America.
- They want you to give up all your guns.
- They promote Islamic leadership at the White House: there are no more "terrorists", only man caused disasters.
- Promoting Islam as "peaceful": an ideology which still promotes slavery.  Today.  Now.
- Promoting open border with Mexico - so all criminals of any countries can access America.
- Millions and billions of tax payer dollars going to criminal enterprises - many of which favour Islam.  Money given to terrorist fomenting countries. 
- Illegal targeting by Federal agencies against conservatives (IRS scandal tied directly to W.House)

Need I go on? 

The White House WANTS "you" (all Americans) to STAY on "their" Leftist plantation.

The gang of Lefties want YOU to CONTINUE to be THEIR slaves - economically, by racial greivance or by withholding the TRUTH.

So here are the racism questions from Nonie Darwish to the race baiters:

1. Most new immigrants don't believe that whites or anyone have much power over their destiny, so why are African Americans constantly told they are powerless without white support and approval?

2. The most important protection against unfair treatment is the law, and the US has the fairest laws in the world when it comes to protection of minorities. Much better than the laws we immigrants left behind in the old country. So why are blacks buying the propaganda that they are unprotected?

3. If blacks in America are so oppressed, why then are dark skinned people flocking to come to America?

4. Most new immigrants don't look to whites to solve our problems, so why do blacks look to whites to solve their problems?

5. Are whites responsible for the destiny, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of blacks and other minorities?

6. Are whites even that powerful?

7. How can constant complaining about racism help black kids in any way?

8. It is obvious to most immigrants that White America often goes out of its way to make up for past injustice, but that seem to never be enough. Why is that?

9. Why do black and brown immigrants seem to succeed much quicker than African Americans?

10. Where I came from, slavery as well as sexual slavery still exists and is highly regulated and accepted in Islam, so why are many African Americans converting to Islam but still complain about US history of slavery?

11. Why are most white people divided into two camps regarding race issues?

12. Why is the liberal camp full of rage and anger at the conservative camp and accusing them of racism?

13. Since race baiting is profitable business, will it ever end?

14. Why are many African American activists constantly saying 'we need more discussion and dialogue over race'? Haven't they discussed this to death already?

15. The whole world has been hearing about racism in America by American media for decades, and CNN International is constantly telling the world we are racists. So how can America expect the world to be anything but hateful towards the US?

16. Why are African Americans ignoring the fact that old-fashioned slavery still exists in the Muslim world and parts of Africa?

17. Why aren't the majority of Americans aware that slavery historically existed extensively within people of the same race all around the world even before America was discovered?

Also, if you haven't seen the latest Afterburner from Bill Whittle on the lynching of non-racist G.Zimmerman:

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  1. I just watched a documentary dvd i got from the public library..."A Film Unfinished"...recently-discovered footage of film the Nazis took of the Warsaw Jewish ghetto in 1942,how it was a propaganda film,but with reactions of Jewish survivors who were shown the footage,their flippant and superficial,how whiney the present-day race hustlers are! I highly recommend the movie.Word thru a co-worker who has a relative on the local Nashille metro police force is that the forensics of the Trayvon Martin case is that the iced tea that the "innocent child/teen Trayvon" was laced with a speed drug,as was the autopsy ofthe dead thug wanna-be...with the photos of Zimmerman's wounds that night,it's not a far-fetched leap to say the "kid" was wired-up on giddy-up juice,got all macho-defensive,and musta been surprised when the "creepy-ass Cracker" (his own girlfriend's testimony of his phone conversation with her) had a gun and used it on his punk ass...Bottom line...this punk thought he was All That,thought he was Billy Bad-Ass,and got his come-uppance.He was there after being sent by one parent to the other in another city after getting in trouble with this not the Tom Wolfe novel "Bonfire Of The Vanities" carried out in "real Life"? Thug gets killed in a criminal attempt,then gets lionized as a martyr/"child" by the media.They still show photos of Trayvon at 12 ("cute kid") instead of the gold-toothed,gang-signalling hoody-wearing wanna-be thug he really was by 17 years old.Sad...this exploitation for a political agenda...a triumph of Emotionalism over the Rationalism these so-called "Liberals" tout so much