Thursday, July 18, 2013

Liz Cheney for Senator in Wyoming

Liz Cheney running for the Senate in Wyoming:

The run for 2014 mid terms begins.

Go Liz! ! ! !


  1. A Republican champion for homosexual rights.

  2. hi JOB... I think Liz has a gay sister - perhaps she's the one you are thinking of?

    The many comments I've heard from Liz on discussions or topics - have been mostly on protecting the USA. Ya know, what the Feds are actually supposed to be doing - protecting the sovereignty of the USA.

    Not healthcare
    Not environmentalism
    Not promoting racism
    Not following only the laws they like and not following the ones they don't
    Not providing guns to Mexican cartels
    Not taking away individual rights - eg 2nd amendment
    Not promoting Shariah law

    But I digress...

    I like Liz but we'll see what happens in Wyoming.

    Did you even watch this video?

    Liz is all national security and embodies conservative values.

    ... so who cares about "special rights" for sexual activity again....?

    hmm mm mmmmm