Thursday, April 11, 2013

Murder, death not racist: just Left's modus operandi

The NZ Herald dutifully reports only LEFTIST American news outlet stories.

They describe the current Gosnell horror abortionist trial - as a "lynching".  Herald uses this racist word for the trial of a baby murderer. Does it matter what color skin the murderous doctor had?  Of course it does not.

If anything, more black American babies are murdered than white. Now that is racist. Black genocide IS going on. Margaret Sanger, who's "work" started 'Planned Parenthood' and their efforts to legalize abortion mills. These are places where babies are murdered - not clumps of cells.

They Are Babies.

So back to Gosnell - there is a USA lamestream media blackout on this story (pun intended). 

Over at LI, law professor Jacobson writes A Culture of Death is their Choice (the Left).

The Left always takes the PRO DEATH position.  The Left is:
pro abortion (death)
pro infanticide (death)
pro Islam (death)
anti God (life)
anti Christian (life)
anti Jew (life)

Yes, professor, you are correct: the Left IS a culture of death.  Even their 'animal rights' organization PETA who loves to yell and screams at people to 'never' kill or eat ANY animal - even PETA kills pets: they kill puppies and kittens!  Their Virginia facility? A 90% kill rate. 

So, the left is happy to kill baby humans and baby animals.

And who says killing atrocities committed by Hitler's Leftist-Facist-Communist regime could never happen again?!  It IS happening all over again in Europe and America - RIGHT NOW.

Commenter Frank says "Imagine being there watching your own newborn enter the world, alive, helpless, on the operating table being scissored and stabbed to death. Imagine the pain, of Jabbing a pair of scissors into the back of the neck and clipping/severing the spinal cord of the helpless baby, virtually beheading the tiny victim. I can't imagine anyone even doing that to a newborn gerbil, guinea pig, kitten or puppy, let alone a newborn child. My God, what has society come to..."

HotAir reports: “It jumped, the arm”; Update: Media score – Rutgers 41, Gosnell 0

Where is Evil = The Left
Where is Death = The Left
Where is Horror = The Left
Where is Lying = The Left
Where is Theft = The Left
Where is Tyranny = The Left

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