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Ha Ha! "SEQUESTAGEDDON" at LI by commenter named Henry.  (brilliant!)

Have you heard USA scare-tactics media talking about 'sequester' yet?  It has been all over the news last few weeks because O-blame-o-in-chief is trying to blame 'it' on Republicans or Congress - and trying to SCARE the American public if the automatic spending cuts (O's idea!) actually goes in to effect. 

So WHO proposed this sequester again?  O himself - in his own words from 2011:

(sidebar Q - does this idiot actually remember he's being video-taped as he reads his precious prompter?!? ... crikey)

Henry at LI's comment were excellent, here they are:

"What’s the matter with you people? Haven’t you heard? The sequester deadline is tomorrow (March 1st!!), meaning midnight tonight, and you folks are playing on the internet like it’s just another Thursday! All HELL is gonna break loose – the President Hisself said so, and by ‘president’ I mean the dadgum President of the United States, where no man would dare lower debase the office by lying while occupying it, so you know His warnings are true!

Starting tomorrow, because of horrible, drastic, monumental, unprecedented, evil GOP funding cuts:

Satellites will fall from the sky like bombs, killing mostly innocent children. And puppies. Puppies will die! PUPPIES.

You’ll pay $5,000 for a shot of penicillin or you’ll do without. You younger fellers think about that.

Random citizens will be forced at gunpoint to collect garbage, write parking tickets, and perform other routine government duties. They will also form the necessary firing squads listed elsewhere.

Elderly federal employees with a record of voting GOP will be hauled out of their offices, lined up, and shot.

The internet will collapse, crushing and killing millions in the US and billions worldwide under its weight. The US will be blamed.

Dogs and cats sleeping together, having you-know-what. I have video on this but ought not post it here.

Capital letters and paragraphs will be banned from all internet content – not enough funding. Photos too. No more colored ink either – everything black and white.

There is much, much more, but it’s too terrifying to list. SO…. get your hard hats on, lock & load, and prepare for SEQUESTAGEDDON! ..."

LOL - SPOT ON Henry!!

So why the need for a sequester anyway?!?  BECAUSE OF O-DUMB-O regime's CONTINUED OVER SPENDING of course: 

CitizenWells points out part of the reason - THE STIMULUS!

"$ 3 billion in education cuts because our spending is out of control.
How did that happen?
Here is part of the reason.
A $840 billion Obama stimulus program.
From The Foundry October 18, 2012.

“The 2009 stimulus set aside $80 billion to subsidize politically preferred energy projects. Since that time, 1,900 investigations have been opened to look into stimulus waste, fraud, and abuse (although not all are linked to the green-energy funds), and nearly 600 convictions have been made. Of that $80 billion in clean energy loans, grants, and tax credits, at least 10 percent has gone to companies that have since either gone bankrupt or are circling the drain.”

(there are some 1900 INVESTIGATIONS into stimulus spending FRAUD!)

AND - how about the data from Heritage.Org:

"The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies: 1.Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*"
2.SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
3.Solyndra ($535 million)*
4.Beacon Power ($43 million)*
5.Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
6.SunPower ($1.2 billion)
7.First Solar ($1.46 billion)
8.Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
9.EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
10.Amonix ($5.9 million)
11.Fisker Automotive ($529 million)
12.Abound Solar ($400 million)*
13.A123 Systems ($279 million)*
14.Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*
15.Johnson Controls ($299 million)
16.Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
17.ECOtality ($126.2 million)
18.Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
19.Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
20.Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
21.Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
22.Range Fuels ($80 million)*
23.Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*
24.Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
25.Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*
26.GreenVolts ($500,000)
27.Vestas ($50 million)
28.LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)
29.Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
30.Navistar ($39 million)
31.Satcon ($3 million)*
32.Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*
33.Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

*Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.”

And what happens if your're a "real" award winning journalist like Bob Woodward who recently pointed out the sequester was O's IDEA to begin with?  You are threatened.

*sigh*- please, people, sky ain't gonna fall, cats and dogs ain't causin' any chaos... Duh media just wants to keep up their crisis-after-crisis and again more crisis modus operandi...
.... bit like they've cried wolf toooooooo many times in my book.


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