Sunday, March 17, 2013

Colonel Meow

Once in awhile I go look at "I can has cheezburger?".  They have funny cat pictures there, little videos and stuff.  If you like animals, cats, you'll think some stuff there is funny.  Check out a cat I saw there, who has his own Facebook page.

I present Colonel Meow

from Facebook titled "Spanish Saturday" Ole!

Did you giggle just looking at him?  He was a rescue.  Looooooks like he might need an occasional brushing... and of course a supply of alcohol.  (?)  LOL

bad hair day Colonel or too much caffeine?! pic from Facebook

In NZ, they'll understand the Gareth Morgan joke - he wants to get rid of NZ cats!  Well, I think he just wants NZ cats to stop killing all the native NZ birds.  That part I can get behind.  I have a solution for Mr. Morgan and New Zealand:


- Cats are MUCH safer, no fights, extra kittens or death by road kill
- MUCH less or no bird killing
- got rats or mice on the farm?  Get a Jack Russell Terrier!

Easy. Problem solved.

Right Colonel?

studying up on how to make new friends!

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