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some awesome Reagan truths

the awesome President Ronald Reagan
one of the BEST modern USA presidents

Years later and I STILL LOVE the wonderful Ronald Reagan; his presidency was AWESOME because he helped the USA recover from the horrors of the Carter mistake, helped end the cold war and restored patriotism in America. Times were really TOUGH and people were completely miserable under Carter. 

There are still sad sack people who "hate" Ronald Reagan which I find ludicrously silly.  There is discussion on the web about "Reagan haters".  Get a grip and get some therapy...

lots of pix of Ronnie on various gorgeous horses,
riding isn't all that easy on feisty steeds - in fact it can be quite difficult!

From Phil Valentine Show 2004 Reagan Was Right:

"Now that Ronald Reagan has passed on, the sniping has already begun. One newspaper columnist wrote that he hoped Reagan was now turning “a toasty brown,” insinuating that the man who saved a wrecked economy, restored America's morale and brought down the Soviet Union might somehow be rotting in Hell. Another columnist's wrote, “Killer, coward, conman. Ronald Reagan, good-bye and good riddance.”

These sniveling little weenies are still hacked off that Reagan short-circuited their plans to turn this country into a socialist state, or worse. Reagan represented everything they aren't: hard-working, patriotic, proud, visionary, and believers in the entrepreneurial spirit and rugged individualism. These cowardly kooks turn a blind eye to the truth. Reagan's record stands on its own, despite the hateful, vitriolic criticism now spewing from society's underbelly.

In my book, Right From The Heart: The ABCs of Reality in America , I delineated conservative principles in alphabetical order. Only one person warranted an entire chapter. That person was Ronald Reagan. The title of chapter ‘R' was “Reagan was right.” Indeed, he was. Many people have forgotten just how bad off this country was prior to Reagan taking office. As I point out in the book, the inflation rate stood at 13.3 percent in 1979. When Reagan left office it was 4.4 percent. Remember how sky-high interest rates were? They were at 21 percent when he took office and had dropped to just 8 percent when he left.

Oh, but what about those deficits? Reagan gave us those, right? As a matter of fact, he did not. When you actually examine the record you'll find that Reagan submitted 8 budgets to Congress. All 8 were rejected. Only one of Reagan's budgets asked for more money than Congress ended up spending. That was in 1984 when Reagan's budget asked for 1.2 percent more. Pay attention to this part because it's real important. If Congress had adopted Reagan's budgets instead of their own, even including the 1984 budget, we would've seen a surplus in 1989.

That's not what the Reagan-haters want you to know but it's the truth. It's also true that his tax cuts, most of which he did get through Congress, jump-started the economy and we saw revenue to the treasury double during the 1980s from $517 billion to $1.031 trillion. These weren't tax cuts for the rich. They were across-the-board tax cuts. Naturally, the more you paid in taxes, the more you saved, but all taxpayers got a break and the economy came roaring back.

But even though revenues increased at a rate of nearly 100 percent during the ‘80s, spending, controlled by Congress, increased by about 112 percent. One of the real lessons of the Reagan years, which we've yet to learn, is don't outstrip the prosperity. That's what the state and federal governments did during the ‘80s and ‘90s."

just a quick ride with the queen... on some beautiful horses

There is a book by John Hayward which looks very interesting for more details on Reagan's presidency called Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counterrevolution, 1980-1989, description:

"Hero. It was a word most Americans weren’t using much in 1980. As they waited on gas and unemployment lines, as their enemies abroad grew ever more aggressive, and as one after another their leaders failed them, Americans began to believe the country’s greatness was fading.

Yet within two years the recession and gas shortage were over. Before the decade was out, the Cold War was won, the Berlin Wall came crashing down, and America was once more at the height of prosperity. And the nation had a new hero: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Reagan’s greatness is today widely acknowledged, but his legacy is still misunderstood. Democrats accept the effectiveness of his foreign policy but ignore the success of his domestic programs; Republicans cheer his victories over liberalism while ignoring his bitter battles with his own party’s establishment; historians speak of his eloquence and charisma but gloss over his brilliance in policy and clarity of vision.

From Steven F. Hayward, the critically acclaimed author of The Age of Reagan: The Fall of the Old Liberal Order, comes the first complete, true story of this misunderstood, controversial, and deeply consequential presidency. Hayward pierces the myths and media narratives, masterfully documenting exactly what transpired behind the scenes during Reagan’s landmark presidency and revealing his real legacy.

What emerges is a compelling portrait of a man who arrived in office after thirty years of practical schooling in the ways of politics and power, possessing a clear vision of where he wanted to take the nation and a willingness to take firm charge of his own administration. His relentless drive to shrink government and lift the burdens of high taxation was born of a deep appreciation for the grander blessings of liberty. And it was this same outlook, extended to the world’s politically and economically enslaved nations, that shaped his foreign policy and lent his statecraft its great unifying power.

Over a decade in the making, and filled with fresh revelations, surprising insights, and an unerring eye for the telling detail, this provocative and authoritative book recalls a time when true leadership inspired a fallen nation to pick itself up, hold its head high, and take up the cause of freedom once again."

Ron jumps - this is good form, and very difficult to do
properly - just ask Christopher Reeve... oh, wait...

There have been many tributes to President Ronald Reagan besides detailed accounts of all facets of his presidency.  Did he make some mistakes?  Sure, but his love for America united the country.  That love for America NO LONGER EXISTS in Washington under the current communist-socialist-Marxist regime.  You voted for it so you will continue down the gurgler of statism until there is a REAL revolution.  (hint: probably why all those guns are being bought across America, so gird your loins!)  Open your mind, go back and really research the truths about Reagan when you need help trying to sort out what the hell happened to America under Commie-O: history will NOT be kind to the current commies...

awesome Reagan statue in Illinois because I haven't used
 the word awesome enough in this post... ha ha ha
(so what will O's statue be, riding his girl bike wearing his pansy helmet?)

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