Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kevin J: you are here to serve the "O"

Good post by Kevin Jackson over at BlackSphere about Leftist's new economic slavery over ordinary Americans:

"For Liberals, Barack Obama is a miracle of evolution. The 2-year old kid quoting Shakespeare, the 4-year old piano virtuoso, or the 6-year mathematical savant are not proof of God. Oh, and there are atheists in the fox hole.

You are here to serve Obama, but long before that your parents sold you into slavery. You are paying off their debts, and the fact that they sat on their hands during the auction. They let Liberal mock God and documents that were created with God in mind, documents that were created to remind you hundreds of years later that you are an individual. Our individualism is what truly makes us one, a collective. Individualism is the only thing that we truly share.

In individualism there is no class, no identities, only what you choose to be. The government on the other hand wants you to declare yourself. And there are two choices: elitist or one who serves the elite. You’re an ant, and thus part of the permanent underclass, or you serve the queen and maybe become part of the establishment.

It’s sad to think, but the Left in America dreams of the day when they can have total power and control over society. Your life, liberty, and property are subordinated to the whims and desires of power-hungry politicians and their suck ups. The Democrat Party, once only the party of physical slavery, is now the party of economic slavery."

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