Friday, December 16, 2011

Frontline evidence from a Maine Walmart on welfare reform needed

Remember everything free on your EBT?  Did you think that video was parody or closer to reality?  Hmm...  One girl who worked a couple of summers at Walmart has written a good article on how welfare reform is really needed in Maine, USA. Her article applies to everywhere welfare is abused!  A snippet:

"I understand that sometimes, people are destitute. They need help, and they accept help from the state in order to feed their families. This is fine. It happens. I’m not against temporary aid helping those who truly need it. What I saw at Wal-Mart, however, was not temporary aid. I witnessed generations of families all relying on the state to buy food and other items. I literally witnessed small children asking their mothers if they could borrow their EBT cards. I once had a man show me his welfare card for an ID to buy alcohol. The man was from Massachusetts. Governor Michael Dukakis’ signature was on his welfare card. Dukakis’ last gubernatorial term ended in January of 1991. I was born in June of 1991. The man had been on welfare my entire life. That’s not how welfare was intended, but sadly, it is what it has become."

Read the rest here ... and remember:

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