Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Wilburine

From Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse "Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses China Trade Visit":

"Secretary Ross is like the Babe Ruth of trade-baseball. Wilburine has a way of taking complex issues pitched to him, and knocking them out of the ballpark with an extremely fast common sense bat. He makes it look effortless."
"Previous administrations allowed BIG LABOR and BIG BUSINESS to write all the agreements and rules. In their backrooms they worked out the details. Policy was willingly handed over to corrupt Wall Street interests and corrupt Labor Union leadership.

A recent point of reference was within the Obama administration. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wrote the actual verbiage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP agreement. Obviously the beneficiaries were those who the U.S. CoC supported; ie. Wall Street multinational corporations. In return those multinationals give the U.S. CoC hundreds of millions in contributions (payoffs for policy).

In exchange for control over the trade policy, the U.S. CoC pay the politicians. This is why the U.S. CoC is the biggest lobbyist (by far) in Washington DC. In essence, for three decades all prior administrations were allowing Wall Street to write the trade agreements.

Now think about that.

In essence, by giving up control over our nation’s trade agreements, all previous administrations were giving away control over the U.S. economy to multinational corporations.

Understanding this former dynamic, is it a surprise why the middle-class was destroyed and Wall Street benefited?

Remember, there are TRILLIONS at stake." ... Read the rest here.

NOW you know why the Washington "swamp" is so PISSED OFF that President Trump got elected fair and square!!! It is POTUS vs the SWAMP... luckily he has Secretary Ross in his corner.


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