Tuesday, November 5, 2013

back from world wide adventures: never wasted

I went traveling to here:


and here:

Yes, we went to France, Sweden and the USA for our month long holiday.  We saw lots of sites in Paris, outside Paris, in and around Stockholm and in and around downtown Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  Paris: yep, nice, cultural, lots of smokers (sheesh).  Stockholm: cool and interesting. Chicago: same madness as you'd expect with Rahm Emanual "leading" the crazies.

I tried and avoided most USA political news but kept up in general with the mess that is O-scare, etc, which impacts the USA...  I can't help but yell "you're an f**n a**hole..." at the TV whenever O-blabla is on... so we avoided watching TV news as much as possible.

For downtime in USA, we started watching series 'Breaking Bad' from the beginning.  This series is now over, but I had never seen it.  It is pretty good.  The writers and characters are interesting, dramatic, sad and funny all at the same time... bit like that serious 'Six Feet Under' on HBO a few years back.  Anyway, Breaking Bad is good if you haven't seen it - you can get it on NetFlix.

I've received a few VILE AND INSANE COMMENTS on some OLD posts of mine.


Your rants are wasted - or maybe you are wasted on some substance.  I don't care if you think "WTF" on my anti-muslim posts: you are just a waste of space.  "Pure" Islam is Pure Evil and nothing you could EVER SAY will convince ME otherwise.  You are WASTING my time. 

By the way, I got slighly tipsy (never wasted) on EXCELLENT Cosmopolitans made by great bartenders at Chicago steakhouse Smith and Wollensky - bit expensive (your wallet will waste away), but YUMMMMMY drinks and food there.  I highly recommend...

Now go save your pennies and travel the world... if you can do it?  Go for it.  We're happily back in mellow New Zealand now.  Aaaaah, good to be home.

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