Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chelsea sugar banana muffins yum

I haven't posted much with the tag "Yummy people food" but banana muffins are yum.  I just made some using the Chelsea recipe.

Chelsea sugar refinery near downtown Auckland on shorline - pix from flickr
Chelsea sugar is a NZ brand - a company which has been in business since 1884.

They have catchy commercials and sponsor a yearly show called NZ's hottest home baker.  I've seen it the last 2 years.  It is a really cute show and the contestants whip up all kinds of baked goods featuring Chelsea sugar products (of course).  I get the urge to make muffins or cakes when I watch it - so the show is dangerous to your mid section. 

I suppose that is exactly why cooking shows are so popular - people go out buy the ingredients and start bakin' up a storm...  :)

Going to eat a muffin now - go bake somehing now yourself and have a good day...

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