Thursday, July 5, 2012

freedom is bound to prevail... a message from Bibi

Israel PM wishes America a Happy Independence Day!  :)  I love Bibi... he is GREAT!  Listen:


  1. Lisa- Good post. Just got back from a 5 week Summer Sabbatical. Getting caught up on blogs. I hope your Mom is doing well.

  2. hi J.O.B, hope you had a nice sabbatical! I'm in Chicago right now until July 21st... been her 3 weeks... boy you all have hot summers! :)

    Mom is on her way out... soon-ish. Her breathing very shallow, rapid today... no alertness. She isn't frowning so no pain, at peace... she'll leave us within day or two or three... I've accepted it and so has one of my sisters... The other one is angry at, oh, everything... But being angry at someone's dying or death - can't change it.

    Death happens to us all.

    Hopefully not to me for a bit though... gotta get back to NZ and back to my life :)

    cheers mate

  3. Wish you were here under different circumstances. I'd offer you a meet and greet. I'm glad you're at peace and I'm sure your one sister will get there. It's hard losing a parent, very hard. But at least she will be in a better place. I will say a prayer for her and your family.

    On a lighter note, yes very HOT. Never thought I'd see the day when 90 degrees felts like Fall. Talk to you soon, and my deepest regrets.