Thursday, April 26, 2012

Turner: converting Ds to Rs with GIRLFRIENDS

Janine Turner and her daughter Juliette - gorgeous conservative women speaking their minds
 Janine Turner is now writing at PJMedia.  Her first column is a good one about converting Democrat women into Republicans with GIRLFRIENDS:

G - Get Reasonable
I - Informed on Phony Contraception Battle
R - Republicans Are the Women’s Party
L - Legislative Liberty Is Lost
F - Fuel and Energy Policies Are a Farce
R - Return Women to the Workforce
I - Insolvency — Sinking in a Sea of Debt
E - Entitlement Society — “Give me Liberty and Gimme, Gimme!”
N - National Security — We Are Vulnerable
D - Darkness — Democrats Want Us to Be in the Dark
S - Sick — Our Health Care Will Soon Be Hopeless

Read the rest here.  Go Janine! She has great ideas and is another smart, beautiful conservative woman's voice shining a light on the darkness of liberalism infesting America.

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