Saturday, October 8, 2011

the green myth from China

Breitbart's Big Peace asks: Is China’s Green Energy A Myth?

"While politicians hawking policies supporting green energy warn that China is overtaking us (the USA) in that race, many forecasters and analysts think China’s green energy future is a myth. While China is putting more money into green energy technologies than the United States, it is doing so for reasons other than securing a green energy future. Rather, it is investing in order to export technology to developed countries promoting green technologies, like the United States and Europe. The laws, policies, and subsidies in the United States and Europe are creating a renewable market for China. For China’s own electric generation program, it is robustly building coal-fired generators, currently getting 80 percent of its electricity from coal-fired generation. Coal is expected to generate more than 60 percent of the country’s electricity for the foreseeable future."

Good point that.  Read the rest here.


  1. Certain commentators and politicians (and a co-worker-of course,he's not Chinese just a hippie...the Chinese I work with hate the Chinese government)just absolutely LOVE China,and it's authoritarian history. The gist of their position is "They (the Government bureaucrats) get things DONE".They do not care about individual humans,how they eff-up their lives.Weird how Western "rebels" love the "efficiency" of dictatorships...They know not what they do...

  2. hi tjones... you are correct about them not knowing anything... I have no idea what the h*LL is so appealing about dictatorshop except for the fact that most lefties just want to follow the collective because maybe that means their pitiful little lives have meaning? ... or something... aaak, nevermind, I have no idea