Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who is running in USA midterm elections Nov-2010?

Who is running in November 2010 midterm USA elections?
A post at FreeRepublic says "With all 434 House of Representative seats available in November and at least 36 seats in congress; We the People can send a crystal clear message to Washington that we are listening, watching and will not take big government and business as usual. In order to save this great country and the republic that our founding fathers established and fought for..." all Americans should:

1) Register to vote.
2) Vote in your local primararies for a constitutionalist.
3) Tell your elected officials in Washington how we want them to vote on legislature.
4) Hold your elected official accountable for their actions and votes.
5) Vote in Novemember for constitutional representation that believes in preserving our constitutional and God given rights to be free and independent.

Check out "Green Papers" for state by state details on who is running: Primaries and Runoffs for Statewide offices/Congress.

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